Persuasion: The Psychology Of Selling - Proven Techniques, Strategies And Scripts To Close The Sale Every Time

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By Phouneat Yin Posted on Mar 29, 2024
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Leonard Moore 978-1987778991 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2018

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Sales may be about math, but the selling itself is based on psychology, understanding consumer mindset, and persuasion techniques.

The good news is, anyone can master the art of selling. It isn’t a secret superpower that some people are just born with. It is a carefully cultivated and practiced skill that can help you in many situations in life.

We are all salespeople. We are either selling our best qualities to a new date or selling our expertise/experience to a prospective employer or selling our ideas to people or convincing our friend to join us for a weekend movie. Knowingly or unknowingly, we are all selling.

"I’d say sales training is excellent training for social or public life. You meet new people every day, learn to handle objections, gain greater knowledge about the buyer’s needs/psychology, look for a common ground, and handle rejection"

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